The Aesthete

But Siriusly

Mars enters Libra on the Capricorn full moon and happy 4th y'all

by Shelley L. Ackerman

After nearly eight long months, Mars, the energetic planet of vim, vigor and drive that has transited back and forth in Virgo (since November 11th, 2011) leaves the sign of painstaking precision and enters Libra on July 3rd, 2012 at 8:32 AM EDT.

Mars’ orbit is fascinating because approximately every two years, the planet that is characterized by its rashness and impatience spends about eight months in ONE sign, with about 12 weeks of that time in reverse (retrograde) motion in a frustrating “self-correction” mode. It’s as if the wisdom of the creator (or the universe itself) saw to it that the “root chakra” (which Mars correlates to) would reboot regularly.

In Virgo, Mars is exacting and precise. Those of us with Mars in Virgo natally can’t believe what passes for work in this world and we often not only do our own work, but end up correcting what those around us have thrown together. (For the record, this astrologer proudly shares her Mars in Virgo placement with President Barack Obama). Naturally, this past transit of Mars in Virgo has impacted everyone, some more than others. For Taurus, Capricorn and Leo, Mars in Virgo has been especially helpful and friendly; for Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius, it’s been quite challenging. And for Libra, it’s been downright unnerving.  At times, those born under Aries and Scorpio have wanted to jump out of their skins, while Aquarians have wondered what all the extra fuss regarding finance is about. And last but not least, for Cancerians there’s been double-duty with siblings, neighbors, and travel plans.

As Mars completes the final degrees in Virgo (the sign of health), The US Supreme Court has upheld most of the Affordable Health Care Act. A century-long battle has been won, and now no US citizen can be denied insurance based on a pre-existing medical condition. In this instance, Uranus (revolution) has prevailed over Pluto (Plutocratic power) and many Americans will be all the better for it. Mars enters Libra (the sign of culture, art, law, and partnership) and will stay in the sign of the scales through August 23rd. During this transit, observe how the quality of political rhetoric and argumentation changes tone. This transit will be especially potent (and occasionally tumultuous!) because during these seven weeks, Mars will interact confrontationally with Uranus, Pluto and Saturn (and somewhat beneficially with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter).

Also, as we in the USA prepare to celebrate our 236th birthday, there’s a full moon in the Capricorn — Cancer axis, within a two-degree opposition of the fixed star Sirius. The royal fixed star Sirius is known as "The Chieftain's Star" and "The Dog Star That Leads." A prominent Sirius in any chart is considered fortuitous. This tradition has its roots in ancient Egypt, when the first glimpse of Sirius at dawn announced the rising of the Nile, guaranteeing the land's fertility. Several of our forefathers were aware of Sirius’ significance: at least 13 signers of The Declaration of Independence were Masons, and some were knowledgeable about the stars (Ben Franklin was said to be an astrological aficionado). In all likelihood, they used this information to select July 4th for the declaration’s signing.

So, wishing you a Happy 4th and for heaven’s sake, don’t take yourself too Siriusly!



ARIES: For the first time since November, your impetuous ruler Mars is changing venues (from knit-picky Virgo to social Libra), but you’re not off the hook just yet. Through August 23rd, your house of partners is hyperactive, and you’ll find that all significant other(s) will be speaking up-- and speaking often. And while you love a battle, not every exchange has to become one. The July 3rd full moon intensifies all, especially on the career front (time off? are you kidding?!). A parent or authority figure (real or imagined) may be more demanding than ever. The times they are a changing and you, dear brave Martian, are the leader of the pack.

ARIES Dos & Don'ts: Though the great outdoors beckon all on July 4th, the Oval Lawn Series at Madison Square Park at 3:00 PM looks way cool. The Museum of the City of New York’s “Activist New York” exhibit could sing to your Aries soul.

TAURUS: Have you ever experienced the wonderful sense of liberation that occurs when what you thought was an ultimate (and inhibiting) truth no longer carries any weight? And so it could be on this intense full moon, as a big revelation draws nigh. Mars’ departure from your creative 5th house into Libra and your 6th house of day-to day routines will provide the opportunity to test (and energy to prove) all that you’ve experimented with in the past six months.  A new team is assembling, and with any luck it will be one with a greater spirit of cooperation. Fingers crossed!

TAURUS Dos & Don'ts: Always a gas (in every sense of the word) is the annual July 4th Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. As a rule, Taurus’ palate is more sophisticated than the fare you’ll find on the Coney Island Boardwalk, but even the vicarious thrill of such unbridled gluttony is well worth a quick visit.

GEMINI: It’s playtime (well, sort of) as Mars enters your 5th house of speculation, creativity, and romantic chance encounters. Dealing with kin and demands in and around the home these past eight months have taken a lot out of you-- but c’mon, you’re no worse for the wear! And while the full moon in your money/shared resources and personal transformation houses could insist that you take a long look at where your support is coming from-– and then make necessary adjustments-- know that clearly expressed goals will net receptive supporters who will cheer you on.

GEMINI Dos & Don'ts: The city is your oyster, and what better way to celebrate Independence than with the 10th annual Fraunces Tavern Museum’s Walking Tour of Revolutionary War New York? True, it goes from 2:00 to 6:00 AM early Wednesday, July 4th, but you’ll be able to get to the fireworks the next night. Not into staying up so late? Then how about taking in "The Wizard of Oz” on Monday, July 2nd at 5:00 PM in Bryant Park (you can always say you need to leave work early for a shrink appointment).

CANCER: One special someone and/or partners in general will put you through your paces on this full moon-- but hey, you can choose to move through whatever is thrown at you by understanding that they’re in a state and that there’s no need to react. Opting for the high road could yield an immediate reward, as there’s good mojo between your 2nd house of income and the angels hanging out in your 12th house of unseen goings on. Now through August 23rd, Mars revs up activity in and around the home-- and you’ll have the energy to clear and fix everything that was on hold since November.

CANCER Dos & Don'ts: He was born on the 4th of July in 1900 and to this very day, Louis Armstrong’s music brings joy to all. From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Armstrong is being celebrated at his home in Corona, Queens, NY. Kids under 12 get a free cupcake and at 1:00 PM, author Randy Fertel will read from his book, The Gorilla Man and the Empress of Steak: A New Orleans Family Memoir.

LEO: Co-workers and those in your employ are especially impacted by the July 3rd lunation and the fallout could throw you if you're not centered. That along with Mars' energizing entrance into your 3rd house of words may place you in the role of mediator in more than one setting. Additionally, health/digestion issues might surface, due in part to the emotional agitation that those in your surroundings are altogether too happy to share (or dump, as the case may be). But the silver lining this week is that your wise counsel will not go unappreciated. Like the American Express card, you're worldly and welcome.

LEO Dos & Don'ts: Keep your body movin’ and let your light shimmer as you shake your groove thing from July 2nd through the 14th at Midsummer’s Night Swing at Damrosch Park in Lincoln Center. Dance lessons are free at 6:30 pm and Johnny Colon and His Orchestra play on July 3rd.


VIRGO: The eight-month transit of Mars in your sign is ending on July 3rd, and though it's been grueling at times, the work out and work-over have been good for you. And while it may take a bit longer for you to see, feel, and recognize the benefits of all that has transpired since November, you will now have the muscle to address self-worth and self-generating income issues and to bump it all up a notch. Your capacity for aligning with the right people is improving, so go with it.

VIRGO Dos & Don'ts: Just for the hell of it, play hooky this week and drop in to see Lunch Hour NYC at the New York Public Library to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first Horn and Hardart automat, which opened the same year the Titanic sank (I know there's a connection in there somewhere). Unwind afterwards by splurging on lunch at the ever-glamorous Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station. Heck, I'd join you!


LIBRA: The Crusader Rabbit aspect of your being will now get a chance to strut his/her stuff through much of summer 2012, as Mars (with all his energy, sharpness, and point-blank attitude) enters your sign and puts you into General Patton mode (George C. Scott was a Libra). And even though Tuesday's forceful full moon could zap you emotionally (and set off some mini-crises on the homefront that require your attention), you're up for it-- and just about every challenge that life throws at you. Your world is changing and a passive approach on your part just won't cut it. And while you're at it, don't forget that you're at your best when everyone around you is losing it.

LIBRA Dos & Don'ts: The one and only Nora Jones at the Summer Stage Mainstage on July 3rd will calm even the most frayed set of nerves. Looking for a cinematic diversion? What better way to jive with a July 5th Aquarius Moon than an outdoor screening of ET: The Extra Terrestrial at Pier 1/Brooklyn Bridge. It's the 30th anniversary of that classic and cute seven-year-old, Drew Barrymore.


SCORPIO: Tuesday's full moon could throw you into Private Idaho mode as the intensity between you and a sibling (or you and your neighborhood in general) may prompt an immediate change of scenery. And while your co-ruler Mars' entrance into Libra makes most of the zodiac smile, for you, it signals a seven week cycle of soul-searching and processing (some of it may be quite pleasant). But know that during this time you are well within your rights to be a little less available. Co-workers and/or underlings may need some "space" and there's no need to get involved with specifics.

SCORPIO Dos & Don'ts: For an exotic yet urban excursion, be enchanted by Algerian singer, songwriter and guitarist Souad Massi, performing on July 7th at the Prospect Park Bandshell as part of the Celebrate Brooklyn summer series.


SAGITTARIUS: The time is ripe for you to take a stand and align yourself with that which has the most meaning for you. This could translate into getting pro-active with friends or aligning with an artistic or political community. Don't waste time with people who have no purpose or who don't take themselves seriously, as doing so could derail you. Tuesday's full moon closes the door on old and destructuve economic patterns or a financial arrangement that no longer works. Good riddance indeed!

SAGITTARIUS Dos & Don'ts: In the mood to splurge on an upscale rooftop cabana with kickass river views of the sparklers? Tickets for the deck at Hudson Terrace on W 46th Street don't come cheap, but the price will keep the riff raff out. For a similar vibe (and a little less cash) check out the goings on at The Rooftop Beach Party at Pier 92.


CAPRICORN: If Tuesday's Capricorn full moon (conjoined by Pluto) has you feeling like an exposed Con-Ed construction site, don't adjust that dial!-- there's nothing wrong with the sound or picture on your screen. You ARE however, in the throws of a major excavation, not unlike an archeological dig. Not fun? Well, it's a necessary sequence designed to heal the very essence of your power and reconfigure how you use it. Surrender to the process and notice that when you feel at your weakest, your true strength will actually come to the fore.

CAPRICORN Dos & Don'ts: When the going gets tough, you Capricorns are utterly lifted by a classic: On Monday, July 2nd, Isaac Mizrahi introduces Funny Face at The Film Forum, starring Taurus icons Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire (playing through July 5th). Whether you are preparing for or recovering from this lunation, you definitely deserve a reward.

AQUARIUS: The impact of the July 3rd full moon is more internal for you than it is for most-- but know that any unexpected psychological jolts or revelations are to be welcomed and that a breakthrough is imminent. More freedom is what you always want, and once these eye-opening insights make themselves known, you’re going to feel a hell of a lot better. Mars' presence in your 9th house of philosophy and long journeys (through August 23rd) will reinforce this lift in mood. Your "opinions" will be that much stronger, along with your justified conviction to stand by each and every one. During the upcoming week, your sense of what’s possible for you will expand-- and when it does, just watch those options and opportunities start knockin’ at your door!

AQUARIUS Dos & Don'ts: Let everyone else go nuts with figuring out some predictable way of celebrating the 4th while YOU slip away on the eve of the 3rd to Otto’s Shrunken Head on East 14th Street for the book launch of Weird-o-pedia, where you’ll get an earful of “surprising, strange, and incredibly bizarre facts about supposedly ordinary things.”

PISCES: There's no need to please the world, or even cater to a group of friends that simply can’t be made happy at the moment. Give them and yourself a much needed break and chill to your heart’s content-- they’ll all be back (and in a better mood) soon enough. And besides, you could use the extra down time to process your next moves-– especially the financial ones, which could expand and then some this summer (as could your love life). Money commitments in an existing relationship could deepen as well.

PISCES Dos & Don'ts: What can you lose by enjoying the fireworks at the Circle Line’s July 4th Private Pier Party (now that’s a tongue twister!), but if you’re in the mood for the great indoors, Ryan James MacFarland’s “Tide Study” photos at the Charles Bank Gallery on the Bowery will transport you just fine.